5-Tracker STEM System

5-Tracker STEM System

  • $ 5,250.00

DEVELOPER KIT LEASE. Please contact us at to request a developer kit lease. No payment will be taken online. 

The Five-Tracker Bundle is great for tracking the entire body (hands, feet + head/chest/waist). The bundle includes:

  • 1 STEM Base. The STEM Base contains the coil that serves as the stationary reference for each STEM Controller or STEM Pack. Includes charging docks for two controllers and three STEM Packs, plus additional USB charging ports.
  • 2 STEM Controllers. Each wireless STEM Controller features a trigger, a bumper, buttons and analog joystick to allow maximum flexibility for development of any genre of game or application. Each includes full position and orientation tracking capability, a rechargeable battery, and haptic feedback.
  • 3 STEM Packs. STEM Packs are used purely for position and orientation tracking and can be attached to or embedded within other peripheral devices. Each STEM Pack features a rechargeable battery and haptic feedback.